35+ Wedding Photographers in the Netherlands

Congratulations! You are planning to get married in the Netherlands! Planning a wedding is a hell of a job. To make your life easier we can help you to find the perfect wedding photographer! We have close to 100 wedding photographers on our website.

35+ English speaking wedding Photographers in the Netherlands

Looking for a wedding photographer who speaks English? No problem! We have you covered! Browse through our 35+ photographers who take amazing pictures and speak English! Have a look at their work and decide for yourselves who fits your criteria and tastes best.

You can make a selection based on:

  • Portfolio with on average 25 pictures
  • Location of the wedding photographer
  • Prices
  • Experience (number of weddings photographed)
  • Photography style
  • Second photographer or videographer
  • Willingness to shoot a destination wedding
  • Awards won

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    Costs wedding photography in the Netherlands

    Most couples wonder; What does a wedding photographer cost? Most wedding photographers in the Netherlands charge between €100 to €200 per hour. Some wedding photographers are a bargain and charge less than €100 per hour. Premium, well-known photographers can easily charge over €200 per hour.

    Typically what a wedding photographer costs depends on:

    • Quality of their wedding pictures
    • Number of hours the photographer is present at your wedding
    • Whether or not you opt for a album
    • Number of hours the photographer spends on retouching your wedding pictures
    • Costs to travel to your wedding location
    • Popularity
    • Awards won at photography contects such as Fearless, the Masters or “Bruidsfoto Awards”